VAN DEN BOSCH is Made in Germany .

Our company motto "VAN DEN BOSCH is Made in Germany" stands for highest quality and craftsmanship. As a small manufactory, we rely on traditional handwork to offer our customers unique men's vests and accessories. We use our own fabrics as well as those of our customers - from ties and bow ties to pocket squares, cummerbunds, plastons and suspenders.

VAN DEN BOSCH | Made in Germany | our production
VAN DEN BOSCH | Made in Germany | our production
VAN DEN BOSCH | Made in Germany | Fabrics in different qualities, colors and designs
VAN DEN BOSCH | Made in Germany | Button enrobing machine
VAN DEN BOSCH | Made in Germany | Fabrics and more

Thanks to our own collection, we also work closely with retailers. In our on-site retail store, you can choose from an extensive range of fabrics and have your men's vest and matching accessory tailored. We are proud of the fact that our individuality, flexibility and short distances also allow us to respond to special customer requests.

For us, Made in Germany also means job security and regional ties. At the same time, we help to reduce transport distances and create ecological benefits. We are convinced that our commitment to quality and sustainability makes us a trustworthy partner for our customers. This is because we not only place great importance on the perfect fit and high-quality materials, but also on environmentally conscious production. Our men's vests are handmade and subject to strict quality controls. We want to ensure that our customers receive a product that is not only visually convincing, but also durable.

As a family business, personal relationships with our customers are very important to us. We take time for individual consultations and are happy to accommodate your wishes. Because at the end of the day, it's all about you feeling comfortable in your custom-made vest and being able to wear it with pride.

We look forward to helping you choose your outfit and working with you to create your dream vest - just the way you want it!