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PM 48 | 11/26/2021

"Van den Bosch" at new location

The new "Van den Bosch" store in Zwickau perfectly combines industrial tradition and a contemporary shopping experience. Between historic brick walls and select interiors, the 30-year-old family business sells festive and business clothing.

Newsletter IHK Chemnitz from 26 Nov 2021© SL Arts by Swen Lämmel

The sale of suits, shirts and shoes is rounded off by the on-site production of vests, bow ties and ties. With both classic and extravagant outfits, the complete outfitter attracts gentlemen from Saxony (and beyond) in style. Owner Kerstin Van den Bosch and her team of seven want to dress their customers authentically and in keeping with their type:
starting with the large selection of fine silk fabrics from German and Italian weaving mills, through the personal tailoring to the modification and customization of the customer's order.

Not only a major customer of festive men's fashion from Lower Saxony places regular orders - the Jena Philharmonic Orchestra and the Leipzig Thomaner Choir, among others, are also pleased with the specially manufactured vests and accessories. In the interplay of trade, own collections and contract production, the van den Bosch family mastered three decades of changing market conditions, private setbacks and insolvencies of long-standing suppliers.

Newsletter IHK Chemnitz from 26 Nov 2021© IHK Chemitz
Among the best moments are those when customers feel happy and satisfied with their purchase.

"That touches: When a 2-meter heavyweight just wants to squeeze you".

laughs the boss. After almost two years of the pandemic, she would like to see the trade, gastronomy and event sector finally

"Ease and prospect of beautiful occasions."
(Newsletter from 11/26/2021, Source: IHK Chemnitz)

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