Mercedes Fashion Night

Made in Germany - Made in Zwickau" van den Bosch has been making up for parties and business for three decades.

In 1991, just one year after German reunification, company founder Harald van den Bosch set the first footsteps for the tie manufacturing company in Mülsen St. Jacob near Zwickau.
In the course of three decades, the family business has mastered the balancing act between constantly changing market conditions, private setbacks, insolvencies of long-standing suppliers or, as most recently, the abandonment of the company location due to the landlord's own requirements and the consequences of the Corona crisis.
The clothing is worn nationally and internationally. Retail, wholesale and a retail store describe a rare and extraordinary range of textile expertise.
The complete outfit for men: suits - shirts - shoes - vests - accessories or better: "From the suit to the sock!" lives the famili- a team van den Bosch with heart and competence. With so much "men's quota" in the product range, it stands to reason that seven ladies "rock the store!" An eighth, gladly a seamstress, would be gladly seen and could announce themselves at any time!
The icing on the cake: 
Production takes place on site in the house - in its own store. It starts with a large selection of fabrics by the customer, through personalized tailoring, to modification and customization of the customer's order.
Mercedes Fashion Night
Mercedes Fashion NightMercedes Fashion Night | 18 Sep 2021

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